We believe Contract Staffing is Broken.

Two people discussing an offer at a table.

The Problem

As former contractors, we have worked with many staffing companies over the years.

Unfortunately our experiences were oftentimes negative.

We experienced, first-hand, how staffing agencies control the entire hiring process as well as the flow of information between the client company and the contractor.

When negotiating hourly rate, staffing agencies control that process too and enjoy a distinct advantage by possessing the two most important pieces of information:

  1. The max hourly rate the client is willing to pay.
  2. The min hourly rate the candidate is willing to accept.

With this information, the agency is in a unique position to manipulate negotiations for their own benefit.

The result often becomes:

  • Clients pay more.
  • Contractors earn less.

This is the classic middleman formula and, in our opinion, constitutes a conflict of interest.

How Dratis was Born.

We sat down and listed all of the things we disliked about staffing agencies.

We met with engineers as well as hiring managers and discovered that we weren't alone.

Understanding that staffing companies were not going to change a lucrative business model we decided to offer the market an alternative.

So we set out to build something better, and we think we've succeeded.

The best business happens when everyone succeeds, not simply when one side has an advantage over another.

That's why our approach empowers both sides… our clients as well as the contractors they want to hire.

Dratis represents the kind of company we wish existed when we were contractors.

What are you waiting for?