Staffing is Broken.
Dratis is the solution.

Traditional staffing is expensive and lacks transparency. With Dratis you have the flexibility to set the terms you want and negotiate directly with candidates.

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Cost Effective.

At just 21%, the Dratis markup is much lower than the industry standard.

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Negotiate directly with candidates. Everyone knows what the hourly rate, markup, and hiring criteria are.


Dratis smart technology matches your jobs with qualified candidates based on their skills. You decide if they click.

Why is it so complicated to hire a contractor through other agencies?

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With traditional staffing: it's subjective.

You know your business best.
Agency recruiters often don't have domain expertise in your field. Yet they are expected to evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications.

With Dratis you're in control.

Dratis smart search technology matches you with qualified candidates possessing the skills you need. Evaluate applications online and reach out directly to interesting prospects.

With traditional staffing: it's secretive.

Recruiters control the flow of information and often withhold information from both their client and the candidate during negotiations.

With Dratis you have transparency.

Dratis fees are published and transparent. In addition, Dratis clients negotiate directly with candidates, not through the agency.

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It doesn't have to be difficult. Our easy 4 step process

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Sign up for exclusive access to a wide-network of professionals then list the roles you are looking to fill.

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Dratis puts you directly in touch with matching candidates. No third party making it complicated.

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When you find someone that clicks you negotiate directly. Then communicate your terms back to Dratis.

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Dratis provides contracts to both the client and the contractor and becomes the Employer of Record. At that point work can begin!

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Other Staffing Agencies

  • Negotiate through a recruiter.
  • Secretive.
  • High fees.
  • The recruiter is in control.
  • Negotiate directly with candidates.
  • Open and transparent.
  • 21% fee.
  • You're in control.
Get Started No obligation.
Pay only after you hire someone.