The Better Way to Contract Staff with Dratis


Traditional Consulting Problems

It’s expensive.
Between the cost of a skilled contractors and recruiter mark-ups that often exceed 40%, hiring a contractor or consultant gets expensive, particularly with fields such as high tech and electronics.
It’s complicated.
Recruiting agencies control the process. They can become a barrier between the client and contractor."
It can be subjective.
Candidate choice depends on the recruiter — Someone who often lacks the domain experience to fully understand the position or the high tech skills required to fill it.
It’s secretive.
Recruiters control the flow of information and obligate contractors and clients to conceal hourly rate and other financial details from the other.

The Dratis Difference

Cost Effective
Our markup is just 21%. And our conversion fees are much lower than the industry standard.
We promote open communication by connecting contractor candidates directly to the client.
They discuss the job and negotiate the rate.
Once they agree on the job responsibilities and an hourly rate, we complete a flexible, straight-forward contract.
  • No restrictions.
  • No non-compete clauses.
  • No blackout periods.
Smart Search
Our smart technology helps contractors complete a profile that highlights their skills and talents and helps clients find just the right fit for their position.
It’s very clear. It’s all transparent. Everyone knows the position criteria, rate, markup and conversion options.


At Dratis our goal is simple - to connect great jobs with great candidates.

Our platform is a place where both clients and contractors can explore possibilities openly and transparently.

For Contractors -

it starts with a well-written profile that highlights their talents, lists their skills, and shows the client how they can make a difference.

For Clients -

it's a place to post the description of the type of contractor they need and find the profiles of potential contractors.

When the contractor's talent and the client's needs match, Dratis puts them in touch. The client and the candidate talk directly, without the complication of a third party.

When a candidate and company click, they negotiate terms directly.

Once the client and the contractor agree to terms, the client communicates those terms to Dratis. We provide the agreements and handle payroll and tax issues.

Once all contracts are signed, and onboarding is completed, work can begin!


The Dratis markup is far lower than a typical recruiter and is transparent to both candidate and client. This enables both sides to negotiate the hourly rate in a fair and open manner.

Our conversion fee structure is lower than most and based simply on how many hours the contractor has worked. Once the contractor works more than 1,200 hours, there is no fee.


Hiring a contractor presents a difficult dilemma:

Can you attract the talent you need and stay within budget?

In today's tight labor market, contractors are commanding higher hourly rates. Recruiters compound the problem with their outrageous mark-ups.

At Dratis, we offer a compelling alternative to the recruiting status quo.

Afford Better Talent

WIN. With Dratis, both company and contractor


If you employ contractors on a 1099 basis, you may be violating IRS regulations.

According to the IRS, an individual is considered an independent contractor "if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done."

See the full definition from the IRS here

Do you direct your contractor on how, when, or where they do their work?

Most clients do. If so, they may not be an independent contractor and you must pay them on a W2 basis and pay payroll taxes. If you don't, you may be liable to the IRS for employment taxes.

If your company falls into this category, Dratis can help. We can convert your contractor to W2 status and take care of all the compliance issues - without reducing your contractor's hourly rate.