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How it works

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For Companies

It's a place to post jobs and connect with job seekers who possess the technical skills and attributes required for the position.

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For Contractors

It starts with a well-written profile that highlights their talents, lists their skills, and shows the client how they can make a difference.

We'll lead the way

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Companies and contractors sign up for exclusive access to a wide-network of vetted professionals and positions.

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When a contractor and company's needs match, Dratis puts them in touch to speak directly, without the complication of a third party.

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When a candidate and company click, they negotiate terms directly. Once an agreement is reached, the company communicates the terms to Dratis.

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Dratis provides the agreements and handles payroll and taxes. Once all the contracts are signed, and onboarding complete, work can begin!

The Dratis Difference

Cost Effective

Typical staffing agencies charge a contractor markup of 40% and higher.

Our low markup accomplishes the following:

  • Clients have better control over their hiring budget and can adjust when the labor market changes.
  • Less money for the staffing agency means more money for contractors.


Clients and contractors negotiate hourly rate directly.

Our transparent fee levels the playing field and enables both sides to negotiate for a mutual benefit.

Contractors are tired of recruiter tactics and are making the move to Dratis where they are treated openly and fairly.

As a result, clients gain access to an ever growing pool of highly skilled and incentivized talent.


Our smart search technology saves time by automatically matching highly relevant candidates with the right jobs.

  • No more keyword searches or recruiter back-and-forth.
  • See instant results in your dashboard so you can act quickly and beat the competition.
  • Get notifications when new candidates who meet your requirements join the platform.

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Industry Low Markup

We have the lowest markup in the industry, freeing up valuable $$$.


Clients and candidates negotiate hourly rate directly, not through the agency.

Our low fees and transparency attract top contracting talent.

Hiring Advantage

Take advantage of our low fee and pay less than your competition.

Efficient Process

No keyword searches or recruiter back-and-forth. Candidates and positions are matched instantly.

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