What is Dratis?

Dratis is a contract staffing company.

Developed to be an alternative to recruiting agencies, our way of doing business differs in the following ways:

- We offer a low markup of 21% that is transparent to both the contractor and the company.
- With Dratis, contractors and companies negotiate terms directly rather than through the agency.
- Our fee structure for converting contractors to direct is straightforward and highly competitive.
- We don't include non-compete clauses or blackout periods in our contract agreements.
- Our platform streamlines the process of matching contractors with the right position, saving everyone time, effort, and money.

Is Dratis a Freelancer site?

No, freelancers work on a 1099 basis, whereas contractors who work through Dratis are hired on a W2 basis.

See the section on 1099 Conversion for a summary of the difference between 1099 and W2 contractors as well as a handy calculator to determine the cost of converting your 1099 contractor to W2.

Does Dratis perform background checks?

Dratis outsources background checks and drug tests when requested, as the final step in the hiring process. The cost is invoiced to the client but rebated back after the contractor has either logged 500 hours of work or has been converted to direct hire status..

The fee structure is as follows:
- Level 1 background check : $ 100.00
- 5-Panel Drug Screening : $ 125.00

Level 1 background checks include:
- Social Security number trace
- Nationwide criminal database search
- Sex offender registry search

5-Panel drug tests screen for: Amphetamines, Phencyclidine, Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana

These are the baseline tests we offer. More extensive background checks and stricture drug panels can be conducted for additional cost. In addition, a 4-Panel drug screening can be offered for clients operating in states with legalized marijuana laws.

How is time reporting handled?

Contractors fill out a weekly timesheet and provide it to their onsite manager for approval. Once approved, timesheets are emailed to from a designated client email address.

What is the invoicing schedule?

Dratis invoices clients on a weekly basis. Payment is due upon receipt unless a different arrangement is agreed upon.

Does Dratis work with international contractors?

No, at this time Dratis only works with contractors who can legally work in the United States.